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Here is the livestream recording of the Feminist GA at the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia last week.  It is heartening to see so many people in attendance and I know that the organizers put a lot of work into making this happen.

I was not able to attend due to long standing other commitments and am therefore somewhat reticent about criticizing, however  I am a bit dismayed by the opening questions asking people to express their thoughts on whether feminism is alienating.  I cannot imagine that question would be asked at a GA focusing on racism.  Or poverty. Or immigration. Etc.  Last I looked, the whole point is to address the fact that women get short shrift in just about every aspect of our existence on this planet and in this case, in the Occupy movement and the reason we are here is to address that.    If you are offended by that, IMHO, that is your problem and not something we should be wasting precious time on in a 90 minute time slot at a national gathering.  That the organizers felt this was necessary speaks I think to just how damaging misogyny in the movement has been.

That said, the declaration that was drafted after the GA is a significant step forward. You can hear it starting at about the 1:09 minute mark in this livestream and I will add a link when the text becomes available.

I also want to share a link to an interesting OccupyCafe discussion about Occupy and patriarchy that includes some really thought provoking comments by Stephanie Van Hook author of Waging Feminism, which looks at the synthesis of feminism and non-violence.  Worth the listen and the read.


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