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Earlier today, I wrote a post about an Occupy poster that I felt was misguided, patriarchal and sexist. Occupy Posters which had posted the poster in the first place did not care for the criticism, and compared me to the GOP and then intimated that I was a movement infiltrator. Others chimed in to support my position and that proved too much for Occupy Posters which scrubbed the unfavorable comments and banned us from the discussion. But have no fear, I saved most of the conversation before it disappeared and you can see what it said before it got censored:

There were a few more comments that unfortunately got scrubbed before I saved them, but you get the idea.  Many thanks to those who chimed in so supportively.  This conversation has been a good reminder about why we indeed need to be discussing misogyny and patriarchy within the Occupy movement.



  3 Responses to “What Happens When You Call Out Patriarchy In The Movement? You Get Called An Infiltrator And Censored”

  1. Wow, yes its all womens fault that this country is fucked. Just like we are put in the spotlight and become the main debate between dems and reps concerning our vaginal practices. Abortion contortion. This is exactly why woman don’t vote, here it is 2012 and old white men are talking about abortion on tv, which is super demeaning, while at the same time no one is doing anything about offering FREE or BETTER BIRTHCONTROL. Woman are disenfranchised. This is why we do not vote. Who exactly are we voting for anyway? Bullshit American Politics go suck a dick…Pardon my Profane Existance…

  2. I wonder how gets the impression that it is represented by the Occupy Movement at all. Was this ‘campaign’ approved by an Occupy GA? I’m tired of political organizations using the name of Occupy to further their own cause. Most Occupiers I know have stuck to the original intent that the Occupy Movement is about social and cultural change and awareness, not politics!

  3. Can’t there be disagreement about the poster, and maybe a suggestion for changing it, without hostility, blame, name-calling, and accusations? Don’t we have an agreement to treat each other with respect, to protect each other, to assume good intentions? The poster just states some facts. Some people assume the intention is to “blame the victim.” What if the point is “Here’s another demographic we could be reaching out to?” Please don’t assume bad motives for a sister you don’t agree with.

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