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According to Occupy Posters, there is a simple solution to the war on women–unmarried women have to get out and vote.

Phew glad we solved that.  Not.

Yes of course if unmarried women aren’t voting, they should if they believe in the electoral process. But hello?  First you call us whores and now you tell us it is on our backs to end this misogynist spew fest?  I don’t think so.  What about all the white married guys who voted for them in the first place?  Where is the poster about them?

And I don’t know how to break it to you, but the war on women was going on long before women got the vote. Why do you think we weren’t granted the right to vote in the Constitution?  What was that Declaration…we hold these truths…that all men are created equal well all white men, but that was assumed and never mind the women who are home tending the hearth and changing diapers while just us guys decide how to word this thing.  You get my drift.

As this unprecedented and increasingly insane war on women continues, lets be very clear:

  1. These attacks against women hurt everyone.
  2. How dare anyone say it is on the backs of women to end this frenzy of patriarchal hatred.  It is equally up to men to step up to the plate and say that this must stop.
  3. In promoting this poster, we once again see the Occupy movement completely missing the point when it comes to the empowerment and rights of women.

Occupy Patriarchy calls for the immediate removal of this poster.



  8 Responses to “Occupy Poster Says It’s Up To Non-Voting Unmarried Women To Stop The War On Women”

  1. The Poster really isn’t very clever. Reflects a total lack of imagination really…I imagine groups of guys probably chuckled at it together, but the women rolled their eyes. Seeing women roll their eyes probably reminded them how small their penis’s are and so they got all defensive and just tried to push their point regardless of how lame it was.

  2. Hell to the yes to all of this.

  3. You may as well have some meme face guy up there with the slogan “Y U no vote?? This is your fault”. Despite perhaps overlooking one of the probable reasons for lack of voting in this demographic. Having to care for kids and work and isolation from a voting booth. It’s a pretty far stretch to ‘educate women’ on the ‘fact’ of this poster, that if they had only voted, perhaps the results would be different… in what state? Federal? In what country? With what candidates? Is ‘women’s issues’ the only issue women should focus on when voting, and then it is only they who should carry the weight of the outcome? Is voting shown to influence law making in any real way? Thanks for the blame game. I mean, voting is compulsory in Australia, and you still get conservative governments that attack women. Who should I blame now? This sort of rhetoric is why I left Occupy in Sydney. Sexism abounds, unchecked.

  4. This poster clearly lacks logic. Why should women feel the need to vote when their opinions are continually disregarded by their government? Creator of this poster, why didn’t you consider this? At least the assbackwards Republican/Conservative female voters have the Republican/Conservative male support. That’s not saying much because they’re voting AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS.

    The next time someone creates something so stupid, they should really consider what side of the government they really are on. If he/she really stands for the Occupy movement, he/she realizes that the movement is only as strong as its weakest members. And by weakest, we’ll say most suppressed in any form. Patriarchy is the root of all problems in our society. By blaming and alienating women from their power to vote much further, why not instead change the system? Isn’t that a huge duh moment?

  5. I’ve been on this path for a good part of 6 decades. Each and every attempt to change the status quo has had to fight within the “movement” to have women heard and respected.
    Even the women’s movement went through a period where if you “just didn’t say you were gay this will confuse the issue.” Was the party line. The issue of War Against Women is always a problem, some women don’t believe they can gain any power in a world that is constantly putting women down. It is tiring but don’t you give up, I’m not giving up and if the women before us hadn’t been stubborn as hell we would not even be where we are today. To borrow a phrase I try to live by “BE the change you want to see”.

  6. […] also have a message for all the men out there. Instead of laying the responsibility for ending this misogynistic war on the doorstep of the unmarried women voters in this country, they need to take some […]

  7. The fundamental irrationality here is that voting is somehow the panacea, when voting is an act of utter futility within the context of the corrupt and broken system we currently have which serves up nothing but worthless demagogues (like all the MEN running for President) for which to vote.

    A note to the male twerp who came up with this poster who is doubtless a Democrat who smugly assumes we are cornered into voting for their candidate: I’m an unmarried woman and I’m voting for Roseanne! Happy now?

  8. I applaud your convincing analysis of this poster. Misconceptions like the one found in this diagram occur when one fails to see the big picture. Nevertheless, may I add some minor criticism? First of all: who is the author of the diagram? It is always good to try to personalize ciriticsm. Secondly: Although I also see a mysogynistic drift in the more visible part of the occupy movement, criticism from inside the movement should always address specific deeds or statements which are biased. I’m referring to the statement “the Occupy movement completely missing the point when it comes to the empowerment and rights of women”. I think there are more precise ways to SHOW individual actions which illustrate this claim. That would be more helpful in terms of communication.

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