Mar 152012
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Earlier today, I wrote a post about an Occupy poster that I felt was misguided, patriarchal and sexist. Occupy Posters which had posted the poster in the first place did not care for the criticism, and compared me to the GOP and then intimated that I was a movement infiltrator. Others chimed in to support my position and that proved too much for Occupy Posters which scrubbed the unfavorable comments and banned us from the discussion. But have no fear, I saved most of the conversation before it disappeared and you can see what it said before it got censored:

There were a few more comments that unfortunately got scrubbed before I saved them, but you get the idea.  Many thanks to those who chimed in so supportively.  This conversation has been a good reminder about why we indeed need to be discussing misogyny and patriarchy within the Occupy movement.

Mar 152012
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According to Occupy Posters, there is a simple solution to the war on women–unmarried women have to get out and vote.

Phew glad we solved that.  Not.

Yes of course if unmarried women aren’t voting, they should if they believe in the electoral process. But hello?  First you call us whores and now you tell us it is on our backs to end this misogynist spew fest?  I don’t think so.  What about all the white married guys who voted for them in the first place?  Where is the poster about them?

And I don’t know how to break it to you, but the war on women was going on long before women got the vote. Why do you think we weren’t granted the right to vote in the Constitution?  What was that Declaration…we hold these truths…that all men are created equal well all white men, but that was assumed and never mind the women who are home tending the hearth and changing diapers while just us guys decide how to word this thing.  You get my drift.

As this unprecedented and increasingly insane war on women continues, lets be very clear:

  1. These attacks against women hurt everyone.
  2. How dare anyone say it is on the backs of women to end this frenzy of patriarchal hatred.  It is equally up to men to step up to the plate and say that this must stop.
  3. In promoting this poster, we once again see the Occupy movement completely missing the point when it comes to the empowerment and rights of women.

Occupy Patriarchy calls for the immediate removal of this poster.


Mar 122012
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Feminist Peace Network Director Lucinda Marshall will be speaking about Occupy Patriarchy in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City at the following upcoming events, the first 2 are open to the public, the conference requires registration.

Lecture: Confronting Patriarchy: The Occupy Movement From A Feminist Perspective
Thursday, March 22, 6pm
Benjamin Franklin Room
University of Pennsylvania
3417 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA

Panel: Occupy Gender: Patriarchy and Gender Experiences in the Occupy Movement
Tuesday, March 27th, 4-6p
NYU Center for Global Affairs
15 Barclay Street
(The NYU entrance to the Woolworth Building)
New York, NY 10010
Room: TBA
(note: this will probably be via Skype, but possibly in person)

Panel: Grassroots Uprising: Fueling the Revolution Against Gender Oppression and Economic Exploitation
National Young Feminist Leadership Conference
Saturday, March 31, 12:15-1:30 pm
Hilton Crystal City
Arlington, VA