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Feminist activists are making their presence known in the Occupy movement in many locations, in the U.S. and throughout the world:

Occupying Patriarchy in Rome

The Occupy Albany Women’s Caucus takes on the Department of Social Services

In San Francisco

Creating a safe place in New York

The OccupyDC Gender Equality Committee mic checks the anti-abortion March for Life

This says it all.

The Ukrainian group Femen protests at Davos (warning–nudity)

Wonderful graphic by Liza Cowan

Special note–I thought Liza’s graphics rocked so much I hired her to design a new logo for the Feminist Peace Network website.  Also check out her other work here.


  2 Responses to “This Is What Occupying Patriarchy Looks Like”

  1. Hi I’ m Italian and I didn’t know the movement, nor there is one in my country too…I’m studying feminism right now for the University, and a room of one’s own in particular. I read one of jane marcus’ essays and I found them really interesting. I’m more and more convinced that the most important problem is the language, the way many other women define themselves and their role in society is tightly tied to the fact sometimes it is very difficult to see how our rights are not respected. Sometimes it is as if we simply let the things be as they are always been, but we can change becoming more conscious of ourselves.

  2. I love Jane Marcus books about Virginia Woolf, she tells us what none of the official biographers have done. Words are important such as Woolf’s about the education of women. It is past time to “be done with their education” and time for women to take very seriously the fact that it is they who have been the nurturers of life and take that to the world stage not just the domestic one.

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