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How fantastic that Occupy Marines supports Occupy Congress.  And we get that this is based on a vintage poster but hello?  This is beyond offensive  to the women who are working their asses off for the Occupy movement and the blatant objectifying of women in this poster only serves to show the urgent need to occupy misogynistic patriarchy.


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  1. The funny thing about this poster is that I think that while being misogynistic, it basically appeals to women. The lightness, the simplicity, the typeface: very feminine. I’d expect it to show up on Pinterest (a predominantly female, visually rich social media site) rather than on any male dominated Occupy site I’ve seen. I just don’t imagine this appealing to men. The woman herself, with her short dress and perky bosom, was obviously meant to attract men, but the visual context- not so much. What do you think?

    • Whether it appeals more to men or women- it’s sexist. Men are not used to make money based on their sex appeal like property or slaves the way that women are!!!!!

      • Actually men’s sexuality is used just as much as women’s. The difference is men’s sexuality reads as “dynamic” “strong” brave” (coded as good things) and women’s sexuality reads as “fragile” “airhead” “lightweight” (coded as bad things).

        The negative reactions to this lady are from us, not from her. Getting out from under patriarchy is way more complicated than refusing to show sexy, attractive women.

    • I agree with you that it is misogynistic. The rest – not so much.

    • The poster objectifies women as sex objects. It is an example of how the 1% keeps the salaries of women below that of men and prevents many women from rising to positions of power in the government and corporations. If the Occupy Movement is to create economic equality and justice then pay parity for women must be one of the top considerations. This effort also supports families in that work at home would be considered as important as jobs outside of homes, daycare in the workplace would be more important than country club memberships for CEOs and maternity leave would not be an excuse to hold women back in business or politics (this would also be true of men who take paternity leave). The rewards for equality between men & women is not a bone society throws to women either: that is patronage, which the 1% uses to keep everyone in their place. Equality of the sexes, minorities, those with different abilities and the LGBTQ community empowers the full 99%. It ensures a more productive & just society for all.

    • Imagine if it were an African-American man in striped jail clothes, with his clothing sort of showing off his hyper-masculine body–and other Black men find it okay to discuss if this image is really benign because the type-face is bold, or that it was created by a Black man, or that really what is so bad about stripped jail clothing, or that it really appeals to other African-American men who are incarcerated or have been. How is it that people have become so blind to the daily human rights abuses against women? Need a Ride? Yes! Women need a ride INTO CONGRESS. So let’s start confronting the powers that be and encourage women to occupy congress in clothing that allows them the respect they deserve as leaders. Wake up and smell the hatred.

  2. To be honest I can’t allow myself to be offended by this because I’m not even sure what the poster is supposed to mean. A more specific explanation of the original poster and what this poster is supposed to represent would be helpful to people like me who don’t immediately recognize it, before I could even try to form an opinion.

  3. I have an opinion right off. It’s sexist.

  4. Sexist. The Occupy boiz don’t get it even on the most basic level.

  5. Sexism is a serious issue within occupy all over the country. This does not help one bit. Just makes me wonder how much virulent sexism is yet to come from ex Marines, not known to be particularly egalitarian. Misogyny has been normalized among way too many people in this saggy, sexist country.

  6. Tactically not very smart. It will offend women and mystify some men. Really inappropriate for a political poster.In other words, DUMB AS DIRT!

  7. At worst, I find this remotely sexist. Referencing a Vargas or Elvgren pin-up and tacking on “Going my way” isn’t an affront to women. Pin-ups now a days are pretty damn quaint.

  8. But red heels, oversized hats and barely-there dresses make such a cute activist outfit…barf.

  9. Come on. This uses a clearly sexualised image of a woman to catch the attention of men, rather than employing an image of actual relevance.

    There is no way this is hard to interpret – it’s the gratuitous usage of women’s bodies that feminists have campaigned against for many decades.

    This is going to suggest to many sexist men that it’s fine to regard women Occupiers as there for their aesthetic/ social/ physical pleasure.

    And combining that image with ‘need a ride’ is really disgusting.

  10. Seriously, there’s more important things to worry about then some art, you are the ones giving this image the negative conotation, Until you stop adding fuel to the fire images will always be offensive to someone. If anything whoever wrote this is against the occupy movement for wanting to bring negative press to the movement.

    • Yay! “More important things to worry about”
      Well done Milz on kicking off the popular ‘anti-feminist cliches’ section

  11. I didn’t find this particularly sexist, maybe slightly. Just more of a case of horrible design. Are they offering a cab service to the occupy movement? Are they trying to interest you in joining the movement? Or are they just trying to be cute by adding the woman graphic with the come on? On top of that the type is just terrible. I hope someone didn’t get paid for this.

    My guess is the designer was so in love with the ‘going my way?’ schtick they tried to force the concept to work despite the fact it couldn’t be more irrelevant. I’m a woman and a huge fan of this style of retro art, I don’t think the inclusion itself is inherently sexist. It just feels like more of a misguided attempt to be cutesy.

  12. Nope. Does not offend me.

  13. Who thought red print on black was a good idea???

  14. I agree with all this, but to be fair, I will say it looks like a woman was the original creator of the poster – see: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3003363320985&set=o.246310432083819&type=3&theater
    (Not that I think that makes it much better or anything. But I thought I should point it out.)

  15. I wouldn’t obsess over this now. At this moment Occupy Columbia is struggling to inject some awareness of the important issues into the SC Republican Primary and hitting a wall of media indifference and candidate resistance. Next week there is an event in DC which needs warm bodies, at a very cold time.

    I would prefer a perfect, vetted plan backed by lots of coordinated resources networked across the entire country but that isn’t going to be happening. Best available option is to do lots, make mistakes and keep moving towards loud and obvious.

    I saw one occupy effort tear itself apart over women’s issues at it’s encampment, when it didn’t have an encampment. They lost five good members.

    • Ah, the don’t worry your pretty little heads advice, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, like perpetually from brogressives who insist that you can be a sexist and a progressive. Sexism is an important issue as is the fact that women make up more than half the population in this country. If people leave because their is a discussion about women’s space, safety and rights, then those aren’t good members.

  16. Make a poster featuring a shirtless male marine with exactly the same copy and layout. Is it sexist and offensive too?

    Does viewing someone in a sexual light necessarily “reduce” them to an object?

    I am trying to follow this reasoning to its logical conclusion.
    The poster depicts someone as an easily sexually accessible person.
    Somehow, the message is that this person is inferior, an object, a commodity, someone to fuck and discard; a person of no importance. This person is not a thinking, feeling being; just a shallow facade of a human being. Dumb and fluffy!

    And why should that be the case? Can’t the lady in red be a member of MENSA? Can’t she be an able leader? There is nothing, other than deep prejudice, that says that the playboy bunny can’t also be a genius.

    Maybe, if the slut/stud double-standard wasn’t so deeply embedded in our minds, we wouldn’t take offense at this poster, or others like it.
    Maybe, if we were free from prejudice, we wouldn’t insist that other people’s external appearances conform to our notions.

    MENsa! *sneers in contempt*
    Enough said!

  17. Really astounding how minimized sexism is. Just digresses with little progress. So easy to dismiss such imagery ignoring all the attendant crap that goes with perpetual portrayal of women as cutesie fuck bucket. Equality? where the heck is that happening? Now within occupy. Decolonize Patriarchal Occupy.

  18. ‘Don’t get upset, we have bigger things to deal with here’ says the man on this thread, and the men in the movement! This poster is one more example of how this is a male supremacist movement, occasionally allowing certain women to speak and take on public roles, but hording the power. And the

    I will not dedicate myself to any movement that does not put women first.

  19. This poster is clearly sexualised. The talk about the print/typeface being attractive to women seems a little weird as the focus of the poster is clearly the perky, leggy, scantily clad, apparently sexual, ‘air-hostess’ stereotype.

    Whoever thought up the poster, man or woman, has not got a good grasp of gender issues. It should be no surprise that women are not always feminists and that liberals/’progressives’ are not always right or comprehensive in their thinking.

    The organisation using the poster ought to have the flaws with the poster pointed out. One might hope the Occupy boiz, while clearly having their mind set on OTHER (not more) important issues, would be amenable to eyeing future material and campaign asks etc through a gender aware lens… Oh, and I hope there are some Occupy girlz too.

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