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Over the course of the last several years, I’ve become particularly interested in the importance of documenting our own stories for historic purposes and because women’s stories are so often excluded from the media narrative, it is urgently important that we document them ourselves.  So I am especially excited to see women documenting things like the  November 25th rally and march in New York that was held in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women:

I do want to clarify that while this website is a project of the Feminist Peace Network which was a co-sponsor of the rally, the film was made independently and neither it or the rally were explicitly a project of this website.

Also, a great shoutout to Eve Ensler for documenting the stories of the occupiers of Wall Street with particular emphasis on the stories of women, especially women of color. Listen to her elegant explanation of what she is doing with Ambiguous UpSparkles and the stories that follow:

Efforts are now under way to document the entire Occupy movement.  I hope that films such as these are included in the archives being set up by efforts such as OccupyArchive.  Because Occupy Patriarchy is a project of the Feminist Peace Network, this website will be included in FPN’s archives at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture at Duke University.


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  1. Thanks for this site!

    I have been a stong supporter of Occupy Boston, and appreciated the statement of the Occupy Boston women’s caucus. But i was taken aback by the sexist rejoinders,

    I shouldn’t be surprised since the Second Wave of Feminism grew, in part, as a response to the misogyny of the New Left. But I am hopeful that the Occupy Movement will learn from the past, not repeat it. Some of the posts made the movement little more than what I call a “screed against greed.” Yes, the greed is despicable, but it is supported by racism, classism , sexism and other oppressive practices and I am hoping that a participatory democratic movement will shape a thoughtful, flexible analysis of the structures that allow some to dominate many.

    janet freedman

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