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“The unity of the 99% must be a complex unity.”  She also quotes Audre Lorde.  Beautiful and inspiring.


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  1. I am a participant in Occupy Olympia. The issue of women and children’s safety was addressed early in our endeavors here at our camp-in. There were the usual comments about not seeing that there is a problem (of course mostly from males) and we met resistance to setting up security. I am happy to write that most saw it as a top priority and as a result we formed a security group of volunteer individuals who take shifts through out the night to observe and intervene as necessary for all kinds of safety issues. In addition, we are especially sensitive to the needs of the children living in our midst as well as the mothers. It is an ongoing effort and we welcome suggestions from others who are facing similar challenges of providing safety, food, shelter, and a voice.

  2. […] one that recognizes that we must address the needs of the 99 percent from a gendered lens. As Angela Davis so eloquently pointed out at an Occupy Philly march last month, it is a “complex unity.”  Just […]

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